retreat for one

a private guided journey

of self-discovery

for one

why are we here?

we come to sit with strong intentions

to heal...

to remember our histories

to release toxic beliefs

to break limiting patterns

to confront addiction

to battle depression

to deal with burnout

to self - care

to accept mercy

to unblock creatively

to purge somatically

to release emotionally

to cleanse energetically

to lift density

to heal trauma

to grow...

to strengthen our roots

to bloom towards light

to reconnect with nature

to plant seeds of change

to receive nourishment

to unmask authenticity

to learn gracefully

to listen respectfully

to shift consciousness

to develop intuition

to welcome humbling

to reclaim hope

to discover faith

to initiate a rite of passage

to thrive...

to manifest dreams

to understand existence

to unlock purpose

to deeply ground

to commune with spirit

to know ourselves

to allow joy

to find gratitude

to claim abundance

to embody peace

to open one's heart

to embrace love

to feel happy

to wake up

to be here now

who am I?

With my own journey as a foundation, I can provide activation and direction to your process.

Through my experiences and intuition -

I possess a clarity that allows me to serve as a mirror and witness for your growth, healing and transformation.

My education comes from over two decades of being challenged by a chronic auto immune condition, accompanied by chronic physical pain and life-threatening complications.

My continued education is with plant teachers and their human guardians. I am a constant student fueled by the dedication I have to my own healing.

You can open the door to learn more of my story.

Through this journey, I have been where you may go.

I am prepared to navigate new paths that may arise.

I am here to support you through directly and safely.

In this process we will create sacred space together.

A container to surrender to do the work you intend.

Setting a time to release and place to transmute what comes up on the journey.

The most important part comes after.


I will follow up in your process to witness, keep accountability and give guidance as your journey unfolds.

If this journey calls to you - take the first step.

You are invited.

Get in touch.

not a healer,

not a therapist,

I am a guide.


Anything submitted will be held in the strictest of confidence.


(512) 693 - 8796