why you should journey with a guide

Creating a Safe & Supportive Environment

A guide acts as a trusted presence, creating a safe and supportive environment for the work. They establish a sense of trust, enabling the individual to surrender to the experience fully. By setting up a conducive space and implementing safety protocols, a guide helps minimize potential risks and ensures physical and emotional safety throughout the journey.

Navigating the Unknown

Journeys can be intense and unfamiliar, often venturing into uncharted territories of the mind and spirit. A guide provides a reassuring presence during these moments of uncertainty. They are familiar with the various stages and nuances of the experience and can help navigate through challenging emotions, thoughts, or visions. Their experience and guidance help individuals find stability and make sense of the profound insights that arise.


The impact of a journey extends beyond the actual experience. Integration, the process of incorporating and making sense of the insights gained, is crucial for long-term transformation. A guide plays a vital role, helping integrate the experiences sustainably into daily life. They provide a compassionate space for reflection, help identify key themes and lessons, and support in translating these insights into meaningful actions and changes.

my story

why guidework calls to me

The Gift of Existence

Battling excruciating pain from Crohn's Disease since childhood, I once believed the promised normal life was out of reach.

Depression loomed, and an end to suffering seemed implausible.

Trials and Triumphs

Enduring starvation, infections, surgeries and near-death, yearning for survival, I discovered peace amidst the struggle.

Blessed with a second chance, I embraced my body's resilience with deep self love.

Embracing the Continuum

My healing journey intertwined with plant medicine and guiding others, forming a collective path of growth, transformation, and empowerment.

Together, we shape a compassionate and harmonious world.

the journey


A call to adventure is received, symbolizing a metaphorical death of an old self, an embarking on a transformative path.


An encounter with trials and challenges, representing the metaphorical death of the old ways, initiating a profound inner transformation.


Emergence from the ordeal, symbolizing a rebirth, with newfound wisdom or a gift to share with the world, embodying a renewed sense of purpose and growth.


You're invited.


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